Standard Search Engines ALL-THE-WEB. Simple, uncluttered layout, easy to use. Results have excellent descriptions and enough detail. Basic customization possible (3 options) right next to the search box. Search with a simple interface and huge database. Also offers news, picture, video, MP3 and FTP search. Uses the Open Directory category structure to create the 'Fast Topics' option in search results. ALTAVISTA. An old, trusted friend to many. It used to have of the biggest indices around - use it if you cannot find information otherwise. Sometimes slow to load, layout is cluttered. The default search results consist of Overture and results from the Altavista spider. Displays related searches. Offers translation services and multimedia searches. America Online search. Provides reasonable answers. Result page clean and easy to read. Does not respond well to some standard searh operators. Uses the Open Directory Project's RDF data dumps to offer directory listing services aimed at AOL customers. Ask an Expert. You cannot do a direct keyword search here- your request is redirected to a human, and you have to wait for an e-mailed answer. Can be time-consuming, but you might like the "human interaction" as opposed to pages of typed answers. Browse or search a directory of hundreds of real world experts on subjects from astronomy to zookeeping. Excite. Established site, slightly cluttered, solid answers. Portal offering a search service including search of a directory from the ODP, news, and links. Galaxy. Quick with answers, VERY detailed answer page, helping you to make better decisions as to which site(s) to visit. Google. One of the cleanest, easiest to use interfaces - no flashing ads and banners, just the bare basics. Claims to have the largest index - over a billion websites indexed! Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology. Hotbot. Small writing on homepage irritating, but provides very clear descriptions of answers. Ignores some basic operators. Search Within feature very useful for beginners. Offers a search powered by a choice of Google, Fast, Inktomi or Teoma. There are options to block offensive language, customize search results, and skins. Infoseek. One of the oldest search engines. The "Search Within" feature is very useful to narrow down an initally wide search, especially for beginners. IntelliSeek. Simply launches Profusion when searching - produces identical results to using Profusion in the first place. Home of BullsEye, which finds, manages and tracks information from the Internet. Instantseek. Easy to use, answer page supplies categories and sites. Looksmart. Ignores basic search operators. Answer page layout mediocre, acres of wasted screen space. Generally reasonable answers. Internet directory and portal service. Lycos. Reliable answers, appears slightly oldfashioned in layout. Portal with search powered by Fast, channels, and a directory. MSN Search. Standard front end, ignores basic search operators. With a slightly altered version of the Looksmart hierarchy. Northern Light. Like Alta Vista, this one has a massive index, which means you are more likely to find answers to strange queries here than elsewhere. A search engine for professional web users. They have a general search engine, and a "Special Collection" of 4M journals/books/mags which are accessable on a pay-per-view basis. Netscape Search. Busy front end, useful summary of human reviewed sites on answer page. Combines ODP data with its own search technology. RDF dump. Opentext. Search box not easy to find, searching not the main purpose of this one. Answers not in line with expectations. Supplier of information retrieval and collaborative software. Snap. Busy front end, answer page very complete and easy to figure out. User is able to choose to categorize results into web, images, audio, files, news and multimedia. Starting Point. Busy front end, straight-forward answers. Teoma. A clean interface, provides quality answers. Using the same database as Ask Jeeves, it ranks sites partly by subject-specific popularity. Clusters results into subject groups, and lists related link collections by experts and enthusiasts where appropriate. UKPlus. Small index, produces no answers for common searches. Webcrawler. Simple front end, does not show website summaries by default. Web directory from ODP and meta search, displaying matching categories. Yahoo! The oldest search engine around. Strong on its directories rather than keyword searching. Produces high quality answers. The first large scale directory of the Internet. Inktomi. Offers searching technology for web content and portal services. SearchHippo. A spider-based web search. Offers free web services, including a search toolbar, and code for webmasters to provide search boxes on their sites. ILor. Allows users to create annotated comments on top of search results powered by Teoma. Offers a downloadable search toolbar. Offers search engine, and a directory using ODP. Permits users to submit their web site for instant inclusion in their index via internet spider. Also using's paid listings. Gigablast. A search engine with a clean interface, advanced search option including sorting by date, and a real time url submission feature. Truesearch. A search engine with a simple interface. Aesop. The Aesop spider looks for new meta tag to allow webmasters to automatically describe their site. Pageseeker. Search engine with an interactive interface. [Requires Flash] Zerx. You can view sites related to another site, or refine your existing search using that site. SearchKing. Search engine getting most of its data from its network of people who use SearchKing software and hosting to build a topic specific or "hometown" portal.

South African Search Engines Aardvark. Claims to be the fastest in Africa, run by Google, gives fast and accurate results. South African search engine and web directory. Ananzi. Probably the most wellknown searching site in SA, frames based, ignores basic operators. South Africa specific search engine. South African Search Engine. New kid on the block - give it a try! Searchable database of South African sites. is a directory for South African Websites. It is also possible to submit searches to Google and Alltheweb. is a directory for South African websites. Jump is the searchengine of Jump Internet Technologies. SAWeb. The friendliest and fastest search engine of South African websites. Click2africa makes use of the Geo-Engine, to provide customers with true location based mapping solutions. Listing or positioning on the map is geo-coded to the true longitude and latitude point. Making the solution highly accurate. The Index. Iindex of South African Websites. Search option is available.

German Search Engines Suchmaschinen-Tricks. Stefan Fischerl´┐Żnder's site Search Engine Tricks focuses on offering advice about search engine optimization. In addition to articles and news, the site has a keyword research tool and forums. Die Suchfibel. Offers advice and information about search engines for searchers and webmasters. Searchcode. Ron Wernecke´┐Żs site provides an international catalog of search engines plus a newsletter with useful tips and info on latest developments. Web Positioning Newsletter. Informative free monthly newsletter supplying latest news, experiences and comments relating to search engine market in German language. Published by SEO "SSO". Comprehensive catalog of search engines, written in German, with a special section on German-specific search engines. @-web - Suchmaschinen aktuell. Provides in-depth coverage about search engines around the world and in Germany, as well as a forum and information on search engine optimization, written in German. Suchmaschinen verstehen. An introduction to search engines and searching, written in German. Provides a directory of German catalogs, search engines, meta search engines and special interest search engines. General technology news site said to have very good in-depth coverage of search engines. Meta search engine that also lists many subject-specific search engines, to help you scan the "Invisible Web." Das Suchlexikon. Searchable catalog with thousands of German-specific and international search engines.

Australian Search Engines Google Australia. Offers the choice of searching the whole web or web pages from Australia. Also advanced search, image and groups search, news and directory from the Open Directory. Web Wombat. Search engine featuring topic searches. Free web-based email and hourly weather updates are also available. Anzwers. Search engine powered by Yahoo and Google. Ninemsn Search. Australian Search Engine. Browse categories, search by keyword, job search, white pages. Altavista Australia. Australian version of one of the Internet's oldest and popular search engines. Comprehensive Australian educational search engine.

UK Search Engines Do a search in the UK. Offers a directory of UK specific search engines, plus search links to those engines and a meta-search facility.

Meta Search Engines Modern layout, allows up to 37 search engines to be selected. Black background could be irritating. Ask Jeeves. Recognizes standard English sentences, requires successive choices from further suggestions. Useful for beginners. The polite butler answers questions asked in plain English. Search the web, news or shopping. If there is no good match in its own database, Jeeves offers top Looksmart results. There is also an option to browse the Open Directory. Baldey. Very clean home page, easy to customize. Answer page provides links to standard search engines. C4 TotalSearch Technology. Accepts normal English sentences, provides very reasonable answers without bothering the user with further choices. A parallel search engine which queries 12 search engines, just one query. Also health, family, (financial) news, career, MP3 and sports search. Chubba. No customization from home page possible, very readable answer page with on target answers. Dataware. Takes you to Dogpile (see below). A multi engine semi-parallel search interface automatically searching 20+ search engines. Allows for continued searching options and Boolean/proximity operators. Debriefing. Run by, and has same clean front end, as Baldey. Queries the major search engines, collates results and gives a list of relevant results, without page descriptions though. Debriefing is very fast, and displays the relevancy score alongside the page. Dogpile. Cute layout if you like dogs, very useful answer page with intelligent suggestions and plain website answers. A multi engine semi-parallel search interface automatically searching 20+ search engines. Allows for continued searching options and Boolean/proximity operators. Highway61. Automatically search multiple search engines. InfiniSearch. Not very clear home page layout for beginners, response not always reliable. Internet Sleuth. ISleuth is another mega searcher that taps more than 2,000 other searchable databases. Mamma. Clear answer page layout. Metasearch tool for finding web pages, news, pictures or MP3s. Metacrawler. Clean front end, some customization options on home page. Ignores basic searching operators. Multimeta. Pleasing layout, sometimes slow to load, easy to use front end, provides excellent coverage. OneSearch. Clear answers. A great way to search the internet and promote your site. Profusion. Very easy to customize from the home page, some useful selections available. Not always successful in converting your syntax to that of the engines used. Brings back listings from several major search engines as well as "Invisible Web" resources. Formerly based at the University of Kansas, the site was purchased by search company Intelliseek in April 2000. Savvysearch Well respected program, easy to use, but only really successfull once you have customized it from the home page. SearchRunner. Very clear answer page. Result summaries include useful gadgets, including the option to open it as a new browser window. Supercrawler. Easy to pick engines to employ in search. Results have no ranking figures. SurfWax Clean front end. Result page is split into 2 frames, where Right explains the results displayed in Left. Result summaries are very bare. Searches against major engines or provides those who open free accounts the ability to chose from a list of hundreds. Using the "SiteSnaps" feature, you can preview any page in the results and see where your terms appear in the document. Allows results or documents to be saved for future use. The Big Hub. Fast loader, fairly clear front end, can specify how long you want to wait for answers. Easy to pick engines to be included from the home page. Result page slow to load. WebTaxi. Allows manual selection of a variety of search engines. drop-down menu containing the major search engnines and pages with search boxes for countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Customizable metasearch. Provides directory channels and news. IXquick. Searches the web, MP3s and news archives. Meta search engine that ranks results based on the number of "top 10" rankings a site receives from the various search engines. XRefer. Reference engine. Search for free across a wide range of encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations and biographies. Vivisimo. Document clustering technology provides ordered grouping of search results. Beaucoup. More than 350 search engines in categorized tables. Also in 6 languages, all-in-one searches, and forms. Searchspell. Spell checks your query before sending it to a variety of search engines. MetaEureka. Search at once more than 40 search engines, and get a freeware toolbar with 20 useful tools. Multimeta. Simultaneous metasearch in the major international search engines. Free URL submission, Meta Tag Creation. PlanetSearch. Searches multiple sites simultaneously. MetaGopher. Searches Yahoo!, AltaVista, Go Network, Hotbot, LookSmart, GoTo and WebCrawler. Infonetware. This site is primarily designed to demonstrate classification technology from Infogistics. It's a meta search engine, and it does topical classification of results. However, it is unique in that you can select several different topics, then "drill down" to see results from all of them, rather than being restricted to the results from only one topic. Researchville. With a minimalist design, it provides self-directed access to dozens of categorized search sites from one central location, and allows the user to organize Favorite Searches to be used again as needed. MonsterCrawler. Searches Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, Infoseek, FastSearch and OpenDirectory in one click Ithaki is probably the most "global" of all meta search engines, available in 14 languages and offering more than 35 different categories for limiting your search. In addition, Ithaki offers country specific search, querying only local search engines rather than the regional versions of the major search engines. Iboogie allows you to select results from the web, products or services from the "BuyWeb," or limit your queries to the deep web, images, video or audio. It also performs real-time clustering of results, creating a list of categories related to your search terms for easy browsing. McFind. Searches multiple sites and performs 12 other multiple site searches. LibraryReference. Retrieves results from dozens of sources including Yahoo and Goto. Also offer e-mail at Dugdugi. Searches the databases of other search engines and combines/ranks the information to provide the most accurate results. OmniCrawler. Searches many of the web's top search engines all at once. Search66. Australia's first meta searcher. Search Australia (or the world) comprehensively in one pass using the most powerful engines. BotBot. Metasearch the web, news, video, pictures, stock quotes, city guide and weather. MetaIQ. All in one meta search engine and search engines directory, search hundreds of search engines all from one website. StartingPage. Uses 10 search engines, including Fast Search, AOL, and MSN. DataMonster. Queries up to 13 search engines. Has a thirty second time-out. A highly customizable multi-search tool. You can choose engines within search engines in various categories. You can choose your favorite search engines in those categories to create a custom metasearch. Zworks. Search seven popular search engines simultaneously or individually with clean, filtered results. Metasearch results are collated and ranked for relevancy with redundancies removed. Query Server. A meta search tool that broadcasts a single query across a set of Web-enabled search engines. One query returns a single merged, ranked and conceptually clustered list. Search against major web-wide search engines, as well as major news, health, money and government search services. Dipbox. Searches Altavista, Fast and Yahoo. No banners. Advanced search options available. Netdepot. Lets you select which search engines to use, and then displays results in individual windows for each search engine. Bytedog. Quick, powerful metasearch engine with a great user interface. MyNetCrawler. Find results from the leading search engines and auctions in one place. Lets find it now. Provides a fast and accurate search facility. Add a URL to the database. Blue Ball. Meta, Mega, Multi Search/Find Engine that can either focus on all blueball content including partner sites or utilizes all major search engines at once. Better Brain. Search 10 major search engines, MP3s or the Open Directory. Moonmist. Metasearcher that also supports math, boolean and field searching. Arbor Search. Search over 20 popular search engines, check your POP email, and access an index of over 500 Ann Arbor, MI web sites. Main Seek. Parallel multi meta search engine for finding web pages, news, pictures or MP3s. Metengine Multisearch Service. Meta search which queries 12 search engines, free home page, news, web portal, and submit service. Fuzzy Crawler. Advanced metasearch engine using fuzzy logic, natural language processing, and link verification. EZ to find. This meta search engine provides results from AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, Open Directory, Teoma, Wisenut and Yahoo. Advanced search offers access to more than 1,000 specialized resources, searchable by category. Flipper is a meta search engine that not only displays results from other search engines and from the Open Directory, but from sites that are part of the invisible web, as well. Most of these deep web sites are commercially oriented, but there are also useful information sites for things like music and films. Infogrid. In a compact format, InfoGrid provides direct links to major search sites and topical web sites in different categories. Meta search and news searching is also offered. Kartoo. If you like the idea of seeing your web results visually, this meta search site shows the results with sites being interconnected by keywords. It also presents a thematic map that shows the most important sites and the linkage relationships among the various results.

Dedicated Search Engines Fotosearch. A Library with 800 000 images, inlcuding Stock Photography and Footage. Find Law. Dedicated to the searcher looking for information on law. Comprehensive legal guide, containing cases, codes, forms, links to law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, CLE courses, and other legal sites. Lawcrawler. Google-powered search engine that returns information only from sites that have been identified as dealing with legal issues. Biolinks. Dedicated to the searcher looking for biological information. A search engine for biotechnical and biomedical scientists. Scirus. Dedicated to the searcher looking for scientific information. Scientific search engine, covering only scientific websites. AllAcademic. An academic search engine offering access to journals, working papers, convention papers and magazine articles. Find Sounds. Search for sample sounds and sound effects at this file search engine. Offers directory, keyword and sonic similarity search functions. Search for photographs by theme, keyword, or phrase. Returns thumbnails of all matches and links to the sites where they are located. Searchedu. Specialized search engine for education domain sites. How stuff works. Experts in dozens of fields offer concise explanations of the workings of nearly everything. Searchable by keyword. SA-Travel. Index & Search Engine for Tourism & Travel in South Africa

The Scannery is an investor focused web search platform that only searches the websites of public companies from around the world. The Scannery covers over 10,000 companies and includes the S&P 500, Euro 400, and the Global 1000.


General SearchEngineWatch. More or less the standard of the industry site on Search Engines - worth a visit! Devoted to how search engines work, search engine news and information, tips on using and submitting to search engines. Unmelted. Some useful information on how to ensure high rankings for your own site. FamilyFriend. Metasearch tool using kid-friendly search engines. Family Friendly Search allows you to search all the best family friendly search engines with just one click. Kid Searching. Listing of kid-friendly searching services. Designed primarily to serve the needs of children, either in focus, or by filtering out sites that some parents and teachers might find inappropriate for kids.