Website Visibility and Search Engine Optimization FAQ


Should I update my content regularly? Continuous content updates will draw more human visitors and search engine crawlers.
How many topics must I cover on one webpage? You can have more than one topic on a webpage, but each page should have a primary focus. This will make it easier for you to build applicable key phrases into your content and Metatags. Furthermore, if you split one general page into several focused pages, you've just created more opportunities for potential clients to find you.
Are the use of Title tags important? Yes! Not only are they displayed for the user to see, search engines also use them to rank. Use words that your prospects will use at the search engines. They're more likely to search on what they need, i.e., "15" laptop" or "Nikon SLR digital camera" than the name of your company.
Should I choose one or more search phrases? The first step to search engine visibility is finding out what phrases people are using to find businesses, products or services like yours. Don't guess what phrases people are using -- research them. Use a tool like WordTracker ( to find out how your target audience is using the search engines. Compile a list of ten to twenty phrases that are relevant to your business, and develop content around those phrases. This must always be the first step in a search engine visibility campaign.
Is there any SEO value in using a descriptive URL? Users are annoyed when they bookmark a page, only to look at it later and not be able to identify what the page is about. A URL with random numbers, letters and symbols is not helpful to your users or the search engines. Have your site developer create URLs that are reflective of the content that is on the page and, even better, incorporate your keywords into them.
Is it better to have more or fewer webpages per website? Adding new webapges of relevant content will cause an increase website visibility. That is because a website has a much greater chance of ranking for a broad range of search phrases when you have a broad range of content. Better still, creating content is one of the easiest steps in an SEO campaign. Search engines prefer content-rich pages since it helps them understand what a website is about (and thus how to categorize it and match it to search queries).
Should I submit my website URL to Directories? You can obtain high-quality links by submitting your website to web directories. An example would be the Microsoft Small Business Directory, or Best of the Web ( Most of the directories that are worth your time will charge a review fee, but it's usually worth the price because of the additional trust your website will earn. The more quality links you obtain from other websites, the more you will help your SEO visibility cause.


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