Book on Website Visibility and Search Engine Optimization


- This book marries academic research results to the world of the informatics practitioner, in the quest to achieve high website rankings in search engine result
- It is aimed at a mixed audience of academics and website owners/coders
- The book contains a focused look at the elements which contribute to website visibility, and support for the application of each element with empirical research results
- A series of real-world case studies completes the picture, with tested examples of research on website visibility elements and their effect on rankings


- The trilogy - the user, websites and search engines: how they relate and interact; usability and searching success, metadata, search engine crawlers and algorithms
- Content, body text and keywords - the value of quality content, correct use of text and keyword placing
- Technologies and their use - Flash, JavaScript, images, video, frames � the how, why and why nots
- The good, the bad and the ugly - search engine spam, white and black hat techniques, search engine penalties
- Payment for ranking - paid inclusion, paid listings, bidding for keywords, programs, click fraud
- Case studies - how to apply the basics and measure success
- The future - search engine developments, advertising