Using past search engine algorithm updates to predict future trends

Farrell, Jason; Weideman, Melius

Published Online

Farrell, J. & Weideman, M. 2014. Using past search engine algorithm updates to predict future trends. Working Paper, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town. Available online:

Search engine algorithm updates cause website owners to spend millions of dollars to adapt to changes necessitated by these changes. Being able to predict future trends provides a competitive edge. The key focus of this research project was to compare the most recent updates made to the Google search algorithm, and to analyse the potential impact future updates may have.
This research will provide an understanding of the latest updates and offer an explanatory overview of where future trends may lead. It was found that Google does not normally provide warnings about updates, which increases the importance of knowing which elements the updates focus on. So far, these have been mostly the; authorship, quality, structure and uniqueness of content.
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