Visibility of institutional repository content

Kiva, V. & Weideman, M.

Poster in Proceedings of The 15th World Wide Web conference. 11-13 September.

Kiva, V. & Weideman, M. 2013. Visibility of institutional repository content. Poster in Proceedings of The 15th World Wide Web conference. 11-13 September. Cape Town, South Africa. Online:

Institutional repositories play an important role in helping researchers publish their work, making it accessible to other users in the same field. Open Access has become a sought after objective by institutions in the past years, and libraries, researchers and some publishers have taken action towards achieving this goal. The purpose of this research is to measure the accessibility of a university's repository content by search engines. It is based on the problem that many users insist on using free-form Internet searching for academic data, instead of academic databases designed for this purpose. The first phase of the project will involve a sample extraction of CPUT's published work from the institutional repository. Some documents will be selected and baited for search engines, to see how many Web crawlers will access these titles. This will provide an estimate of search engine activity and visitations. Next, the indexation of the sample documents will be determined, followed by a measurement of their overall visibility. The findings may be useful in tweaking an existing institutional repository, making it more useful to all researchers. This research will provide valuable information regarding the need to design an effective institutional repository within the university research environment.
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